What affects your credit score? Bad information of course!

What affects your credit score? Bad information of course! But what if I told you there was more!

Other than a judgment, tax liens (unpaid) or bankruptcy all other negative information can only stay on your credit for 7 years. BUT… what if that was not the case? That’s what the law stipulates but this is the real world we live in where many other things are factors in America other than our consumer rights.

While there is nothing you cannot do that a credit repair company can do REMEMBER… there is a difference between disputing and getting results.

Having a credit company who understands the underwriting criteria of future lenders and how they look at you is more important than you can possibly realize.

Bad credit, credit repair, repair credit, How to repair credit, fix credit, credit fix, how to fix credit…. No matter how you say it you don’t realize how important credit is until you need something today and then it’s too late.

Credit Repair Companies; Telling you what you want to hear to get your Money

What you need to know about your credit repair company | Dallas - Fort Worth Credit Repair ServicesWhat You Need to Know About Your Credit Repair Company

Whether you have had recent hiccup in life with your finances, or still suffering from an old divorce most likely your credit has taken a hit.

State and federal law requires all credit companies to tell you that you can dispute items on your own without their help so credit repair is actually a service you are paying for just like you can fix your own car but the odds are attempting it yourself can cause even more issues. Unless you are working with a small credit repair company most likely the person you are hiring is the sales representative for that company who earns commission when you sign up for credit repair services.

Credit repair sales agents/managers/account representatives make their money from the checks you write. Once the business is closed the file goes to the processing department of the company to start the credit repair process. So it makes sense that if the sales person is going to tell you what you want to hear to get your money. A tell-tale sign of that is saying how they can handle everything for you and there is literally nothing to worry about.

Maybe it’s not their fault, they are just doing what they are told or trained to do. The standard robot sales pitch is they will investigate your credit report for any unverifiable, misleading, inaccurate or incomplete information from your credit file. But understand that your credit report is like a thumbprint, every thumbprint is different so what works for one will not work for another the same way.

Awhile back I bumped into a guy who said to me he was a manager for a credit repair company and I asked him how does he explain the DLA to clients and he looked at me with a straight face and said “what is that?”. This is the person who’s job is to talk to customers and doesn’t know the slightest bit of education to pass onto clients to help them down the line? WOW!

Understand that you are being sold a service by a person representing a company who has no clue of the legalities of the credit file. I have even heard stories of people signing up and the company hasn’t even looked at their credit report yet and that is just plain crazy! BOTTOM LINE is money is what makes the world go around and it’s not what they tell you it’s what you sign.

First thing you need to do is verify a company’s credentials, while it does not mean they can do what they say they can, you do want to try to confirm what they say is true and can be proven. Check out www.waynethecreditguy.com/spot-scams for some more tips.