Credit Associates, “Step in it” AGAIN! (Pt 1)

*As always, let me point out I write these blogs for informational purposes based on my own opinions, my 15+ years of experience in the industry helping people navigate the sometimes “complex” world of credit and finance and no two credit issues are the same so I always recommend calling me for more specific information and direction for the best course of action for you and your family, not some company.*

That being said, I do (if you have read previous posts) prefer to write these posts as if we are simply two friends enjoying a cup of coffee, and I keep the talk straight, there’s enough companies out there hoping to sell you all  the “secrets the credit companies don’t want you to know” (see previous post regarding this little gem of a lie) to “help” you with all your credit and debt problems… (insert eye roll) So let’s just avoid all that and keep it real & direct. And on that note, let me share something that recently happened and I have been just itching to get to!

Now, this post is actually a little different than previous Credit Associates posts, because this time I was dealing with someone (let’s call him ‘Mike’) that had not only spoken to a CA representative, but had a detailed lengthy conversation with them he even received a CONTRACT for me to review!!! Now, how did he go from receiving a contract from them to talking to me you ask… EASY! Just while simply READING the contract he spotted more than a few rather major lies that certainly did not add up to what the representative on the phone had told him- which after all was all in hopes of getting him to “sign up”.

-Now we all know ANY time you call a company looking for help in some capacity or to sign up for some service you are talking to a salesperson. It doesn’t matter what they call themselves (Associate, Rep, Agent etc) they are a *trained* Salesperson that has quotas and incentives to meet! This is simply the world we live in, and sales and clients make the world go around (as well as their profit margin).

As I said, “Mike” had a feeling things just weren’t quite right, did a little research and came across me and previous posts and knew giving me a quick call would likely confirm any suspicions he may have had. During our first quick convo I asked if he would send me the contract to look over, assuring him I would not post it or any personal details, and Wow! It was like a gold mine!

For this post (Part 1) I am going to simply give an overview of the Credit Associates ‘Agreement’, and point out the little “gotchas” that an average person who hasn’t been in the industry over 15 years would likely not understand (they do that for a reason) or would just skim over thinking it was “normal”. *Again, read my disclaimer at top of post that these are my opinions*  to avoid any legal hawks swooping down at me!

  Unfortunately, but fortunately for companies like this, consumers call them when they’re in distress, and when you are emotionally drained you are more susceptible & compromised to believe when anyone tells you they can help just sign up and let’s get started. After all, we just want to be DONE with it. And Salespeople absolutely know this!

>Now, agreement in hand, the first thing I see in their Client Enrollment kit states the following, “the key points discussed in our initial Consultation are summarized here as well as incorporated into the attached agreement.”

*The one thing that I’ve always said I personally hate about this company is the direct lies that they tell customers. The customers are told on the phone that “in order for us to get settlement offers for you when you’re”current” on your account is you have to stop making your payments. (We’ll go into this in more detail later but it’s super important) and in the contract itself it explicitly states that you the person signing the agreement has been told that they didn’t tell you to do that.  Now there’s really no other way to spin this one it’s  A DIRECT LIE.

Now don’t get me wrong, there’s many customers that contact Credit Associates, Freedom Debt Relief or National Debt Relief (probably the 3 biggest) and the customer is already behind on payments, and it’s because of this that it makes the whole settlement process easier to begin. 

>Now, a question I get a lot about this company and others like Credit Associates is: “ is this company a scam?” Well, I always ask them, to define for me what their definition of a scam is… because, at the end of the day,  Credit Associates, National Debt Relief, Freedom Debt Relief, to name a few, are legally registered companies, they have employees, they pay business taxes so they are legitimate operating companies. *People then see all the fine print in contracts and think, “that’s a scam” But I point out to them, “Well have you ever looked at a cell phone contract? Everyone knows fine print is necessary but never works to your benefit you just need to make sure that certain sections in the contracts don’t take away what the salesperson told you to get you to sign up.”

And that’s where I am always seeing problems with this company! I know that approximately a year or more ago in Credit Associates commercials (both TV and radio) used to say, “If you have more than $5,000 there’s a secret the credit card companies don’t want you to know” that was the initial line that started me down this rabbit hole in particular, since it’s a bold face LIE! (there is no actual “secret”, but more on that later)

Well, they have just within the last year or so changed that number to $10,000. Why do you ask?  Well if we crunch the numbers, I was initially under the impression they charge a 20% fee on top of whatever discount they get you. But this contract shows me they actually charge 25%. Example: if you owe $10,000 and if they got a 50% discount for you then you would pay $5,000 to the bank (that could be in one payment or a breakdown of payments) BUT….  you then have to add the 25% which was their “Success” fee to the numbers. So if we add 50%  Which is what you’re paying + 25% obviously that’s 75% which means you saved $2,500.

  Does that sound like a deal to you? Overall the number is decent but I don’t know anyone that thinks 25% is worth it! Call me crazy, but I’ve certainly never charged anyone that amount and I think that number is a little ridiculous, personally.

 But most likely the reason why they bumped it up to $10,000- I guess their Finance people realized there is either too much work and too little pay for people coming in at only $5,000 so they need to bump it up to $10k in order to profit the amount of money they want to profit off of customers. Profit Margin once again!

I find it interesting in their example of their “Success fee” in their contract  they still state $5k even though they post on commercials “if you have a minimum of $10,000” So I assume no one told their Legal Eagles to update contract,It’s minor yes, but to me still deceptive.

>In that same section I found their “guarantee”. It seems their “guarantee” is you will save at least 5% of your total debt balance.

 I’ll be honest with you, I was scratching my head on this one, because if you were delinquent you could literally call yourself and ask for a 10% discount and they would give you a 10% discount without even blinking, so I’m unsure why they would post such incredibly small guaranteed amounts but you’d have to ask those higher-ups on that one.

I would think if they’re so confident and if all those reviews that they post on their website are 100% legitimate then they’d have more confidence to post a higher number.

Heck i tell people i can help and get a 50% discount without even blinking but im greedy and always want even more of a discount.

(I noticed researching other big companies post something very similar which raises my eyebrow, maybe it should yours too?)

*Now, one thing I do like about this company, or should I say at least I can appreciate, is once you sign a contract there’s something called the “Right of Rescission” – where you have 3-5 business days (depending on the state you live in) to cancel the agreement and not be out any money. \

This company actually offers a 10-day timeline to cancel this agreement once they accept it in writing. Now reading into it a little bit more, once they accept your contract they state that they will mail you a confirmation letter (which we all know that the post office could take 5 + days) but should still give you more than enough time to rush and sign the cancellation page on the back and email it or fax it to them. *If you ever do decide to cancel if you mail it it’ll never get to them in time for the 10 days and then that might be a problem emailing it whether it’s your email or you send an email through a friend or family members computer something where you can document is always the smart thing to do.*

>Back to agreement!

Client & Company Obligations:

Now this section I think is pretty “standard” and pretty simple BUT there are a few things that make you scratch your head on some insight to how they plan on treating you

-For the client portion, you obviously have to maintain open and honest communications with them, return paperwork to them when you get it signed, return phone calls when they call you, all of that obviously makes total sense. 

But here’s another quick “gotcha” IF you write one of the creditors names on that list BUT you then decide, “Hey I’m just going to do this myself” you still have to pay the company their  25% “success fee”! Which is pretty shocking, but they do say “unless the company has no involvement in obtaining that settlement offer otherwise client understands that “companies guidance, experience, advice, support and service surrounding the receipt of the settlement offers is valuable and important.” (Pretty much all creditors you put on list are they helped if they mentioned it, so boom they helped! And you have no documented proof they didn’t so pay them)

Now for the company obligation: 

There are the basics that they’re going to hold and maintain confidential information on you, respond to you back within a reasonable time frame, doesn’t define what time frame “reasonable” in their opinion- but reasonable is relative. 

*A part that concerns me that says “client specific creditors may include amounts that require the client handle a negotiation directly with the creditors in which case the company will assist the client. -Now if the bank or creditor will only deal with the client I’m not really sure how the company is supposed to help if they’re not allowed to be on the phone call with them, which means your doing it yourself but it says “clients participation in this still means the company earned their fee”.  So I guess at that point they’re stating that if we gave you advice we’re still entitled to 25%. I could be reading that wrong but I don’t think so.


This is the section that basically says all offers will be presented to the client for review of acceptance. But again there’s also a section that says “if the company has not received a communication from you the customer within 48 hours that they provided the notice clients direction to accept the settlement will be acted upon by company.” 

Now I personally read that as, they send you out notification of a settlement offer, you get busy with life or God forbid something happen with a family member yourself and you cannot respond then *They’re accepting the offer on your behalf after 2 days (even though many companies allow you several weeks to consider the offer).

 I’m not saying this may not be standard protocol for the industry, but personally I don’t want some company saying “yes we can pay this account” with my money without me actually saying yes or no. Again, call me crazy right?!

>Now this was a very broad stroke of the “Agreement” and I plan on getting into more later but I just want to end with the Most Common Complaints I receive from clients of Credit Associates & companies like it..

“Client understands that their credit rating will be adversely affected should client default or be delinquent in their payments to their creditors.”  

 “Client understands that this program will not improve their credit score.”

*This is a common question that gets asked by people because they are under the impression that by paying this debt off, it’ll actually improve their credit BUT it’s a double-edged question. (More details later, suffice to say, yes obviously paying something you havent “can” improve but it doesn’t happen overnight and other factors are involved)

Client agrees that company has not provided them with any advice or recommendations either orally or in writing, regarding reduction or termination of payment to creditors and that company has been engaged for the sole purpose of debt settlements.”

Client hereby confirms that client has not been advised by company to stop making payments to clients creditors

This was the one that made our friend Mike in the story really, really mad because and I quote from his email to me “this is so COMPLETELY FALSE!”  the Rep told me that is exactly what we need to do in order for them to help. *I think you guys know the answer to that one- which unfortunately is just a part of the sales game. 

Now these companies may have at the corporate level have all the best intentions, but like any company, each department tells you what you can or cannot do with a wink of the eye, (which is not an acknowledgement that can be shown in court or proven).

So my standard disclaimer because I never want people to think I’m just picking on companies like this because don’t get me wrong they do help some people but I’m kind of a cheap individual and value my money so I want to keep as much of it as much as possible and I’m assuming if you’re researching & reading this you feel the same way.

 I always tell people feel free to call me or email me. My email address is:

Wayne @ Wayne the credit guy. Com 

and it’s spaced out to prevent spam, or click on the contact us portion of my website and give me a call, tell me your situation and I will tell you what’s in the best interest of you and your family not the best interest of some company. 


Starting 2022 with Credit, Finances and Fitness

It’s a new year, it’s time to start fresh… the very first thing we tell ourselves is getting in better shape and eating right.

Once we put that plan together in whatever form you have decided the next step is typically getting “financial fit”. That may be plans for a new car or a new home or even wanting to refinance that home or car.

We live in a credit driven society and your credit score is the cornerstone of that society.

If you want to buy something, unless you have cash you will have to finance it or part of it in some capacity. And what is the first thing the lender or their representative will ask you…….   what is your credit score?


(Since I cannot legally prove the below this is only my opinion based on my 17+ years of experience in the Credit industry)

Ever since Covid hit us there was a statement made by the government to the bureaus that said (I am paraphrasing):

“Due to Covid and the federal and state timelines you are required to abide by (FCRA) it will be impossible for you to do, SO as long as you are acting in good faith the federal government will not seek to come after you for those violations if it takes you longer than the FCRA states.

As I always say if you saw how the credit bureaus jerk people around within those timelines and now they are allowing them more time AND they said they won’t come after them? I knew then our industry was going to have some major challenges ahead.

Well just recently the CFPB (Consumer Financial Protection Bureau) FINALLY got enough complaints on the credit bureaus due to them refusing to send people the reports and conducting investigations they were asking for even when they sent those requests by certified return receipt mail (this I have 1st hand knowledge of).

So now I expect the credit bureaus new resolution is to actually follow the law and send consumers updated reports.

NOW I say all of that so you know about the challenges faced by yourself if you try this on your own OR if you hire a credit repair company as MOST of them make it sound like the HARDEST thing you have to do is write them a check and everything else after that is easy….. It’s not.

Legally EVERY credit company you speak to are supposed to tell you that you could do all of this yourself. Of course the follow up is if you do not know what you’re doing then understand if it was as easy and federal agencies and media says it is we would all be a 700+ credit score.

So this is where you need to decide, do you go it alone and try to “fix it yourself” or do you hire someone. And if you invest and hire someone how to figure out if they can really help you or are they telling you what you want to hear to get your money.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know what I would like you to call me first. BUT here is how you do some research on companies whether it me or anyone else.

#1 – Check their reviews out  (and do the reviews look genuine)

** There are actually companies out there that businesses can hire to   

      have bots or people post fake reviews for them so look carefully.

#2 – When you talk to a Rep are they asking for a copy of your credit report.

                        ** I have noticed in the past a lot of companies didn’t ask to see your

                            report which is a major sign to me after all how can they help you

     if they don’t know what the problem is?

NOTE:  Technically it is ILLEGAL for ANYONE other than someone (or company) who loans you money to pull your credit. MANY times credit repair companies will pull your credit for you and as I always tell people they either know it’s illegal or they don’t care its illegal so good luck with them.

#3 – When you are talking to the credit company “representative” are they asking detail questions to you on the items in your credit report?

                        ** A huge tell-tale sign, some will ask a general question or two to

     give the impression of expectations but a proper review of a

     report with a future client should be at least a minimum of 15            

     minutes of going over the report in detail.

#4 – After talking to the company are they trying to get you to sign up right now?

** I have heard stories from clients that said after every question that was answered the sales person was asking are they ready to get started.

I personally hate when someone tries the used car sales technique on me. I NEVER do impulse buys. I will always finish up a conversation with a client by telling them to give everything some thought and go home and crunch their numbers and let’s talk in a day or two. It’s the way I would want to be treated and you should be too.

 #5 – Do they have any credentials and if so what are they?

            ** This one always make me laugh a bit so let me tell you why. In Every

                state you are required to be registered and bonded as a credit service


I have seen many company promote this as if this was some honor placed on them… congratulations, you’re operating legally…. What does that mean? I have also seen the following similar ones:

  • A member of the BBB (means they are paying for their rating) see this link below since it still goes on today.
  • Showing they are members of an association like the chamber of commerce or local group associations or displaying TV or radio logo’s. most of those are them paying for advertising (I get at least 1 call a week asking if I want to buy some ad space and here is what I also can get).

** While I understand them wanting to post a picture of a popular TV or radio show to give impression they are a credentialed company and unfortunately for consumers it works a lot of times, don’t be fooled.

– Money back guarantee  

            For this one all I will say is the devil is in the details, if someone really pushes this one then ask to see the contact before signing and look at this section carefully since there are a lot of “gotcha’s” and you may find it’s not exactly as the salesperson is claiming it is.

Everyone knows your credit score is important BUT you do not truly know just how important it is until you need something today and then its too late.

But when trying to improve your credit score, credit repair MAY NOT actually be what you need. Many times I have told people that due to fact of either getting sued or possibly being sued credit repair would be a waste of your money.

There are other avenues to help your credit. I tell everyone your credit report is like a thumbprint, no thumb print is exactly the same so that means everyone typically needs something different and looking for help online on blogs majority of the time (not all of course) will not produce the same results you are expecting or hoping for.

So when people look at articles like this please understand since your personal credit report is unique so all we can do is provide you some guidance on where to look or what to look out for.

As mentioned above I have been doing this for over 17 years, looked at over 22,000 reports in that time, wrote a book, been on radio and TV (not a paid commercial, lol) and teach for the real estate division of my state and a continuing educator for their continuing education classes.

So thank you for tanking the time to read this and I hope it shed some light to help you figure out what direction you need to go in.

Feel free to reach out to me via email at:   wayne @ waynethecreditguy .com

(take out the spaces since I put them in to avoid spam)

Maxed out on Credit Cards?

It starts off simple, instead of paying in cash or using your debit card you figured “let me just keep the cash in my pocket OR I have that other bill coming up so will just put this on the credit card and pay it off when the bill comes due”.

And there is of course the out of nowhere expense that pops up like a blown tire or something with the kids. Then when the bill is due another issue pops up and you say “you know I will just pay the minimum payment or a little more than the minimum this month”.


As with all my blogs here is the 15 second bio on me so you know the information you are reading is coming from someone who knows what they are talking about

*** NOTE: if this is your first time reading one of my blogs please know I am very blunt and direct but always polite. I do not have the time or energy to tip toe around things.

So I have been in the Credit Industry for over 17 years, analyzed over 22,000 reports, wrote a book, been interviewed on local and national TV and an educational educator for my home State of Texas for their Real Estate Division (T.R.E,C) and have been one for over 10 years now.


It was innocent, there was no plan to have this much debt, we call it the snowball/domino effect. This happens with one credit card, then another and another and another.

There is a part of learning in personal development called “put it on paper” your goals are just a dream until you put it on paper, once on paper it becomes real.

That also has the opposite effect with debt, you DON’T want to write it down as then it becomes all too real.

You get used to paying the minimum payment and feel good when you pay a little more than the minimum thinking the banks will see your trying to pay the debt off (they don’t care).

You don’t really look at the statement that comes in the mail anymore and if you switched to e-statements then you most likely NEVER go through all of the statement papers that show that approximately 55% of your minimum payment is the finance charge that doesn’t touch the actual money you owe.

Like everything in life it’s typically not addressed until it is too late. It’s the fight or flight response and since schools NEVER taught us financial literacy we just push it to the side and “deal with it later”.

ALL OF A SUDEN the total amount of the monthly minimum payments are out of control and life still throws out life challenges where a bill will pop up out of nowhere forcing you to possible “put it on the credit card” again.

I have a friend that her credit card companies would increase her limit by $100-$200 every 2 months or so and then she needed it/ used it just putting her further and further into the hole.

You try calling the credit card company for a break to lower the interest rate to help since after all you have been a great customer (short time or for years). BUT you get shocked when they flat out say no they can’t do that.

Now what do you do? If you look at the statement in detail there is a small section that if you pay the minimum payment it will take 17-27 years to pay off! So paying that extra bit will not have much of a dent in that timeline.

Panic sets in, this is really bad since it makes you extremely susceptible to sales pitches by the people you “call for help”.

UNDERSTAND that titles are made up, if you speak to a  “credit counselors” or “debt specialist or Senior debt specialist”  or whatever title/name they come up with to tell you they are. They are SALES PEOPLE who GET PAID to get you to sign up for their program. They are trained to make you think you heard what you want to hear BUT the paperwork will be totally different.

PERFECT EXAMPLE which is what made me write this is an old friend reached out to me on Facebook, Single mom got caught in what I mentioned above did some googling and reached out to 2 companies to see if they could help her.

She said she doesn’t want to ruin her credit, she was told they would get her a consolidation loan where she would pay much less than she is paying now, they would call the banks and get late fees and interest waived But her cards would be closed down.

She said she didn’t want her cards to be closed down.

NOW….. UNDERRSTAND that when you get into this position, it really doesn’t matter what you want, it’s not your card it is the banks card. I’m sorry but that is just the way it is. (I will elaborate later ).

She said they started off nice and sweet but then slowly turned rather nasty saying you just don’t understand this your credit is already ruined (she only had 2 or 3 late payments on all of her cards).

They began talking over her saying things such as your credit is already ruined you really have no choice it’s not going to fix itself it’s either this or filing bankruptcy IF you could qualify.

These are all psychology sales tricks. The reason my friend “didn’t understand was due to them explaining it poorly to her or explaining it in a way to her so she goes “well I guess I will sign up since I don’t really have any other options for help”.

The part of mentioning their fee which is on average in that industry is going to be approximately 25% of her total debt doesn’t really get mentioned when I asked her if they mentioned that.

This Debt industry reminds me a lot of the used car sales industry (I was never in that) but I am referring to it just being plain sleazy, double talk, not explaining everything, not presenting other options as those options do not make them (the company) any money.

There are SO MANY companies out there and they use companies that specialize in S.E.O (Search Engine Optimization) which means when you type in what your looking for it tries to steer you to them.

And when you read articles you NEED TO UNDERSTAND that all articles are paid for and “sponsored” or “partners”. Which means the article is not published useless the company paying for it is happy it gets the message they want across.

Even the “ the best companies of____________ “

I know it stinks but that is why experience is huge in this business

So when you see the big ones advertise like National debt Relief, Freedom Debt relief, Credit Associates and especially the ones that present themselves to make you think an attorney will be doing the work for you.

Don’t believe me? Read all of this and call them….

BUT, here are some hard facts to consider, if you are in this predicament YOU NEED TO UNDERSTAND your options are actually limited, so here they are:

See if you qualify for chapter 7 bankruptcy:

You can no longer “choose” to file bankruptcy if you want you have to qualify and if you can’t qualify for chapter 7, then chapter 13 is not worth it. Many people typically do not want this option; this is considered the dead last option.

Continue paying off the minimum payment every month

Based off the credit card statements this will probably take anywhere from 10-35 years to pay off (BUT, your credit score will slowly increase once it gets below 80% of the limit IF there are no late payments). 

Hire a Debt Settlement Company

This will destroy your credit BUT it is TEMPORARY… if you have someone who knows what they are doing you can recover 70% of the damage done in a year.

** NOTE:  On average they will get you a 40% discount NOT COUNTING their 25% so you save 15%, REALLY???

                                 (It’s in the fine print)

HEAD in the Sand technique

You do nothing, you avoid the phone calls and throw out all mail received.

** ISSUE: After 6 months of non-payment the account gets charged off, THEN it stays on your credit for 7 years.

The original creditor can sue you OR sell the debt to a debt buyer and then a NEW COLLECTION pops up on your credit report further damaging it.


They can now sue you as the new owners.

EVERY state has a different timeline for lawsuits, they range from 3 to 10 years. Most of the states are 4 years and too many to list but below is a link to see your state but here is the bad news for the 10 year states:

  • Illinois                                                      – Iowa
  • Kentucky                                              – Louisiana
  • Missouri                                               – Rhode island
  • West Virginia                                        – Wyoming

If you live in one of the above states I feel bad for you as you have that lawsuit cloud hanging over your head for 10 years.


HAVE a QUESTION on your specific situation and want to chat with someone who is not going to sell you?

Contact me below and we can talk about your situation and I will tell you my personal opinion on your situation if I was in your shoes to help give you some clarity.

Wayne @ Wayne TheCreditGuy .com

( NO Spaces, doing it to prevent spam)

The Disclaimer:

Of course this is not financial advice and only my opinion based on my experience and you should seek out the services of a certified financial professional who specializes in this

Credit Repair in 2020-2021

So to start off a little background on me….I have been in the credit repair business now for over 17 years. You can go to the part of my website that gives you a breakdown of my credentials listed under Credentials to learn more about my background to know there is a good amount of experience speaking behind these blogs.

So what has changed since Covid in our industry? Nothing but tons and tons of illegal things…. allow me to elaborate.

Obviously at the onset of this situation a majority of Americans started working from home due to the craziness and unknown factor of this issue if they were lucky enough to keep their job and while people are slowly going back to work now many are still working from home and companies are seeing the financial benefit of not having an office and all the overhead it encompasses.

The government issued a press release awhile back at the onset of the 2nd quarter of 2020 I believe which effectively said that due to everyone starting to work from home and that the Fair Credit Reporting Act states that the credit bureaus have 30 days to conduct an investigation, HOWEVER as long as the bureaus are acting in “good faith”. There will be no government action taken against them.

EVER since that happened it has been crazy in our industry so allow me to elaborate, in the past 17 years I would tell clients or future ones the “credit repair process” typically works in 45 day increments. 7 days for the credit bureaus to receive our investigation then 30 days allowed by law and then another 7 days on average to get the reports back.

Typically 8 out of ten people will get 2 or more of the 3 reports, why not all 3? Hard to say but ultimately realize these are BILLON dollar companies so you are the ant looking up at the giant.

And while you could sue them in small claims court for state violations ( easier than federal ) if you have documented proof the main issue you run into is 99% of people are either not equipped to go in front of a judge or they do not want to.

So NOW what I unfortunately have to prepare clients (new and old) for is now 2 out of 10 people will get reports and the other 8 will not.

NOTE: and if you are trying to fix your credit yourself be prepared for this to occur even with certified return receipt mail. (It should greatly increase the odds of a response, may not be the one you want or if they will send you what you ask but it will increase the odds sad to say).

I have noticed this pattern now for a little over a year. I even reached out to a few credit repair companies across the states told them who I was and asked them that question and got the SAME answer. Only a small percentage of their clients are getting the reports they requested from the credit bureaus.

So why is this happening? You may be asking yourself this question if you have tried repairing your credit yourself.

So let’s break it down with logic and an educated opinion (that’s me).

ANYONE with any experience will NEVER tell you to dispute things online. The credit bureaus have designed their system to be a mirror image so they do not have to do anything other than confirm what is reporting on your credit report from the creditor.

Not exactly the definition of an “investigation” is it?

This was reported in a 2005 subcommittee hearing report with the senate and a Capital One Manager.

NOTE: I am currently looking for it in my office but after 17 years I have collected  A LOT of articles so bear with me, I tried a quick good search and that did not help me. (If I can find it somewhere in all my docs I will attach it at a later point).

Back to it!

Disputing anything online places your problems/challenges/disputes/ investigations in a box, and they are sending it through a system called E-Oscar which if you say you were “not late” for example the E-Oscar system sends it electronic basically says “ hey mike says he wasn’t late, and the system talks back to the same system that is saying you were late and says sure he was it says so right here”.

Reponses: we investigated your dispute and it came back as verified, our investigation is now complete”.

So that is why it is always suggested you send letters, this way you can document everything. Many times it is a back and forth process (with different entities)  which is tiresome and just part of the game of what they do to you.

So let me focus back….

So since most people now work from home, people multi task you work from home you can vacuum, do laundry go online to blog sites and because one person said I did this on a blog and it worked for me and you said sure let me try this and send  it to the credit bureaus their overheard costs most likely have tripled if not quadrupled since Covid.

For example, if you send a letter request they are supposed to response with paper (a letter request), which means they pay for the paper, the ink, the stamp and the envelope.

Multiple that my hundreds of thousands of disputes monthly if not millions and that’s A LOT of money they are paying out.

I have personally sent letters certified and even with return receipt and NO RESPONSE from the credit bureaus.


When we logged into consumer monitoring sites majority of the time we could clearly see work was done, coding was changed and deletions have been made, only a minor portion were ignored.

So then since no one will actually say why this is being done we need to apply logic and finances to figure out this little mystery.

The government said to them as long as you’re acting in good faith we won’t penalize you if it takes longer to conduct your business.

So, if they are not going to get penalized financially, and their overheard financially to response to disputes have tripled or quadrupled then what reason do they have to comply?

It’s the law is a great response to that question and I’m guessing you’re not that naive if your reading this.

But if their system has a “hiccup” and it shows it was sent out but it wasn’t then it’s easy to blame the post office since we all know how competent they are at delivering the mail (sorry to any postal employees reading this but you know what I mean since I have had several clients that worked for the post office and they agree).

Ex: how many times have you spoken to customer service for something and when you call back they have no notes or records that you called or notes about what you are claiming.

Now since this is part of my job I can tell you IT’S A LOT.

Recent example…. I had a power of attorney for a client and was dealing with Chase Bank, I was transferred 7 times and each time I gave them the specific department I needed and not one of those idiots got it right.

Each time they said they don’t see the power of attorney & I sent certified mail a month prior & confirmed they received it and it was in process of being applied. I then got the supervisor department and one of them said its right here as well as the faxed copy you sent a few days ago  but since I didn’t have the full account number they couldn’t help.

So I had to call back that same department (different person next time of course) could not see the power of attorney which I was then sent to the office of the president and they finally fixed the issue.

This kind of thing is what credit repair companies and I deal with. Now you always want to make sure you choose a company that doesn’t ask you when you want to get started after every question to grab your money and you should be able to sniff out a sales pitch (I hope).

But the easiest way to do that is see if they speak to you and not at you. If they  seem like the hardest thing you need to do is pay them then …. They could care less about you and just want your money for their bottom line.

I know this was a lot but I hope it was an enjoyable read and the point was to understand that ultimately while there technically is nothing a credit repair company can do for you that you cannot do yourself hopefully this is a little peak into what we have to deal (maybe 15 %) with and basically your average consumer who doesn’t deal with it daily has not clue how to handle it, especially when the bureaus do not comply.

Just like the quote mentioned in that 2005 subcommittee hearing report it was said “the general public does not know how to deal with a creditor or collection agencies as these industries have the money and the lawyers to work those laws to their full benefit and consumers do not.

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