What affects your credit score? Bad information of course! But what if I told you there was more!

Other than a judgment, tax liens (unpaid) or bankruptcy all other negative information can only stay on your credit for 7 years. BUT… what if that was not the case? That’s what the law stipulates but this is the real world we live in where many other things are factors in America other than our consumer rights.

While there is nothing you cannot do that a credit repair company can do REMEMBER… there is a difference between disputing and getting results.

Having a credit company who understands the underwriting criteria of future lenders and how they look at you is more important than you can possibly realize.

Bad credit, credit repair, repair credit, How to repair credit, fix credit, credit fix, how to fix credit…. No matter how you say it you don’t realize how important credit is until you need something today and then it’s too late.