Ever have a bank/collection agency tell you they don’t care what your divorce decree says and that you still owe the money?

We all know the devastating effects of divorce, whether its concerning the family, kids or just your finances. It can damage you for years down the road and not just 7 years, what if i told you that it could damage your credit for 5-20 years!!!

Think that’s crazy? It is but i have been in this credit industry analyzing credit and helping put credit files in a position for lenders to approve them for over 8 years and have reviewed over 11,000 of them. If i can’t help you then i’m afraid no one can.

Bad credit, credit repair, repair credit, How to repair credit, fix credit, credit fix, how to fix credit…. No matter how you say it you don’t realize how important credit is until you need something today and then it’s too late.