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Installment and Revolving Accounts

Go out and build your credit they say, don’t just go out there blindly and do it. If you hire a credit repair company they should tell you EXACTLY how to build your credit file. Too many times i hear how clients were just told to “go […]

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Credit Card Responsibility

A credit score is a 3 digit number that tells lenders how you pay your bills. Think all good credit is created equal? Think again, Many people do not want to use credit cards but unless your rich and wealthy you will need your credit sooner than […]

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Divorce and Credit = Bad Credit

Ever have a bank/collection agency tell you they don’t care what your divorce decree says and that you still owe the money? We all know the devastating effects of divorce, whether its concerning the family, kids or just your finances. It can damage you for years down […]

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Wayne the Credit Guy lectures the realtors at Ebby Halliday in Dallas, Texas on the real world of credit.

As a true and credible credit “expert,” Sanford teaches his clients to seek the truth in all areas of their financial dealings. Sanford’s understanding of credit laws, how they function and the ways in which they are interpreted by credit bureaus, creditors and collection agencies is key […]

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What affects your credit score? Bad information of course!

What affects your credit score? Bad information of course! But what if I told you there was more! Other than a judgment, tax liens (unpaid) or bankruptcy all other negative information can only stay on your credit for 7 years. BUT… what if that was not the […]

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