There are many times I come across adults (40 years +) and they have a Zero Credit Score. Many people do not understand why they would have that as a score, so let’s explore that topic and identify the several ways you can have a zero credit score.

The 1st is simple! You just turn 18 years old and now you can obtain credit but you basically have a blank file/report. You can’t have any score if there is no data in the calculations, correct?

Part B of the 1st is you are older but have never actually ever utilized credit. I come across this in situation from a lot of ethnic cultures that are not originally from the United States. So you can be 40 years old and never utilize credit which would attribute to the reason why you have a zero credit score.

The 2nd is you have nothing on your credit report but negative information. This could be even if you never utilized credit in the past but have had medical bills or if you have cable or utilities and missed the last payment or had a cell phone contract. It does not have to be just a credit card, auto loan or mortgage.

The 3rd and final reason you can have a zero credit score is the negative information greatly outweighs the little positive credit you may have. This true especially if you have a “heavy” file that means you have a lot of negative accounts in your credit file.

NOTE: Majority of the time the dollar amount on the negative accounts are a non-factor it is the timeline of the negative account which is most prevalent to the amount of points its affecting the credit file.

A credit report that is considered a “light” file is when there are very few accounts within the credit report thus the accounts good or bad will greatly enhanced to the effect it has on the credit score.

So now you know there are actually 3 difference scenarios where a consumer can have a zero credit score. I hope you found this information helpful and check back for more!

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