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So I popped a spam email I use into their system to see what they would send me. In business it is called an Email “Drip System”. It is designed to keep showing up in your email box to remind you of your conversation with them

The first email and what always seems to be in their emails is check out our 15,000 reviews!

Now I’m not saying that the reviews are fake as there is really no way of knowing that but I could not tell you how many times I get calls from companies who say they can help me get 5 star reviews from verified profiles with their computer system bots. When I first got that call that floored me, but hey, it is the digital age.

And these reviews are probably real as most people only make 1 phone call, get the good sales pitch and they are emotionally drained from being overwhelmed with debt so if someone tells you that they can stop the phone calls and save you thousands and the customer doesn’t know or understand what is actually occurring or the future ramifications of what is being done as they are non the wiser. All they know at the moment is someone can help them save thousands which is a wonderful thing.

But if you’re reading my blogs then you’re the type who likes to do some research and not believe everything you read so I applaud that. I can’t count the amount of times I have told a sales person I am not a one call/time close. I need to absorb the new information given to me and then think and make a decision not jump into one on an emotional decision.

So approximately a day or so later I get The 1st email basically says look at all the people that love us. One quote in the email said:

45 years to pay off my debt but with the Debt Reset Program I’m able to pay it off in about 2 years“.


Yeah…. I’m going to have to call BS on that one for a few reasons. First is credit cards (or at least all the ones I have seen) will say pay the minimum only and will all be paid off in 28 years and 36 years was the most I have ever seen.


The 2nd email came about 3 days later saying what would you do with and extra $6,296 as that’s what they say clients save overall. What I mostly do not like about companies (just a personal feeling on how to conduct business) and of course after the fluff of the email they tell you to call their “Debt Counselors” but in the calls I have made all I observe  see and hear is a sales pitch and I have no skin in the game and don’t care if you work with them I am just pointing out what someone with years of experience hears.


The 3rd email approximately 3-4 days after # 2 reminds you to check out how many people like them.

Nothing wrong with that just trying to keep them in your mind and to keep you thinking about making a decision. And email any company would use.




The 4th email is where they in my opinion fall into the same category as CREDIT ASSOCIATES, so let’s look at this one in detail:

Your credit score isn’t quite as important as you’ve been told it is. (THIS IS HOW THEY START IT)


If one of your main concerns about enrolling in a debt relief program – which can save you thousands of dollars and years of stress – is potential impact to your credit score, I have some news for you.


– Debt relief programs will only impact your credit score temporarily.

– Remaining in debt is much worse for your long-term credit.

– You could waste thousands of dollars on interest charges every year.

– Credit score only matters when you’re trying to take on more debt (a new loan, house, etc.) – but you’re trying to get out!


I do not want to attack each line in this as I could have a field day on how they are trying to manipulate you in this one.

And I do not want this to be a sales pitch for me. So Let’s just say credit is the cornerstone of the American economy, so yeah…it’s kind of important since that’s what EVERYONE ASKS you.

It’s now being used for car insurance, military promotion and job promotion, so again I think it is rather important and for them to make that last statement is literally just a flat out lie.

** So one thing I always tell people is if a company has to lie to get you to hire/work with them then how good or comfortable to do you feel about that?


So of course they lost me once I received this email and then started to work on this blog.

The 5th email they finally point out that they charge between 18-25% of the debt you owe. Call me crazy but I think that would be something to be discussed at the start and then point out how working with them will affect your credit.

Again…. Kind of important information that should be at least in the first two emails, correct?

So a little detail, if the account has been let go (6 months of no payment) then the account has been charged off. If it hasn’t and you’re looking to just get a company to help lower the interest rates as when you called they said no to you.


The final email gives some summary bullet points and I get a bit of a kick how they say in # 7:

  • Transparency is important to us


After reading the above I wrote and mentioned sort of points out that to me at least “Transparency” seems to have a different definition to me than it does them.


When I look at their “Accreditations” they are all paid memberships so they are not a nonprofit company. And just like with me and my business I will not be a paid member of an organization so I can post their logo and name to make it look like I am here to help a consumer.


So as I tell everyone remember “Buyer Beware”, can they help you based on where you are now…. I’m sure they can and if they save you $100 aren’t they complying with the contract? Just like with many scam credit repair companies out there, if they improve your credit from when you started it is a success but would you consider 5 points a success? The legal contract you signed would.



Are they helping you as much as they can? Probably not, after all it’s not your money they are negotiating is it?





Feel free to contact me at if you have any questions and PLEASE be as detailed as possible with your situation and ask about my book “The Real World of Credit” to learn A LOT more of how the system works if you are thinking of fixing your own credit.


Understanding how the system works is half the job!



Credit Associates Flat out lies in commercials a MUST READ

I had originally posted this in December 2017 and then my awesome computer skills somehow deleted it so i am re-posting it, read as see for yourself!


As we get older we seem to fall into certain patterns or habits, so for me every morning I wake up and as I get ready for work I have the morning news on. This somehow happened to me a few years ago, I think it’s automatic the moment you cross over the age of 40.

One of the consistent annoying commercials is one from the debt settlement company called “Credit Associates”. I always get amazed at how TV networks don’t get sued for airing what is flat out lie to the public.

They start almost from the beginning by saying “there is a secret the credit card companies don’t want you to know, if you have more than $5,000 worth of debt you have the right to settle that debt for a fraction of what you owe”.

NOTE/LIE # 1: there IS NO secret…..

NEWSFLASH for consumers reading this ANY book, commercial or Ad if you even see or hear the sales person saying they have a secret that banks don’t want you to know it is such a lie it’s crazy. Example, how can it be a secret if they are advertising to tell you?

It’s a gimmick trick to get you to call so they have a chance of selling you so don’t be a sucker.

Back to my point….

There is no law that says any debt over $5,000 gives you the right to settle on the debt based on what they say in their commercials.

$5,000.00 is probably their bottom line that they can charge before they can make any decent sort of profit that is worth their time and expense on the consumer while dragging out the process.

While I have no clue how they get away with lying like this what I can say is I actually got a solicitation call from them so I jumped up for joy and pressed “1” to talk to a representative.

My representative was named “John” he did not sound like anyone I know named John. I will point out and I said I was interested but I was super curious as is my nature and wanted to know what was “the secret” or law that allowed me to save thousands like their commercial said since I was never aware of or heard about.

Wouldn’t you know it but John didn’t seem to know what I was talking about and went into his script.

I kept interrupting him to say I want to know first what this law is first before seeing what his company can “do to help me”. He kept trying to read through the script and I said “ hey if this information is above your paygrade then that’s no big deal so put me on hold or transfer me to a supervisor so I can get the answer and then back to you to move forward”.

I was giving him EVERY option available to get me the answer (if there was one) and he would not or should I can could not answer the question. I then started saying “listen your company advertises this so why are you not prepared to answer this question which is in the first 10 seconds of your companies commercial or at least be able to transfer me to someone who can at least tell me the answer”?

As I had some time at the moment and justified however long I dragged this out for utilizing the time for this blog I must have been on the phone for at least 15-20 minutes.

Towards the end of him trying to push past my question and finishing his script and I said to “John” that if your incapable or unwilling to answer the simplest question on the 1st sentence of your companies commercial it’s obvious this company is a scam company so answer the question the next time you speak or I am hanging up the phone.

Shocking result of what happen next? I hung up the phone.

What most of these companies do is basically take advantage of your unwillingness to talk to your creditors. The collectors can be jerks and some are nice. Once a bill has gone past the 120 day mark creditors are open to ‘re-discuss” the original terms of the agreement. Now of course to get to that mark your credit score is destroyed and you may be a candidate for credit repair but maybe not as your credit report is file specific. Think of the term different strokes for different folks.

Without any knowledge whatsoever you should be able to get them to give you a minimum of 20-30% discount off of the current debt owed. An experienced person in this industry can go much lower, I have gotten an average when helping clients with this issue anywhere from a 70-90% savings.

Quick story to end this blog, had a client ask me to look at what their in-laws got themselves into and said sure will be happy to give my opinion. It was a debt settlement program, they had several credit cards and they were paying $375 a month into a “pot” so to speak and when the funds grew large enough they would go in , settle one account and so on.

The issue was in all of the fine print and there was a lot of it but on the page with the fees etc it was CLEARLY marked that this “company” was charging “$221.00 a month” to take their money as their fees that they have not performed and would not perform until these particular clients had at least $1,000 to settle debt # 1.

So they were only saving approx. $154 a month towards settling their bills. They were in shock but I said I didn’t understand why they were as this was clearly printed and they said the person didn’t tell them that and they didn’t look at the paperwork and only signed where he said they needed to sign.

I then said, you mean the “Sales person”??

They got silent really quick, and I gave them advice on what to do but said they have no recourse as they signed the papers and the fees were clearly marked.

You can do this yourself and save some money if you want to or if you choose to hire someone make sure you get some solid numbers and make sure you’re getting some good savings. I had a guy who owe $127,000 in unsecured debt and got everything settled for less than $40,000 which included my fees so he saved over $80,000.

That was one heck of a job and time consuming but normally do not deal with something that large typically.

Moral of this story, READ what you sign and NEVER make an impulse buy/decision. If your being constantly called about your decision then it seems they NEED your money, go with the person who makes you feel comfortable, has a background that can be validated by outside parties and follows up with you when YOU ASK THEM TOO.




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If you email me, to make it easier as i am getting a lot of emails and i respond to all of them please provide me a summary of your situation. Include are you paying the bills on-time, have you not paid them in 3 months, how much you owe and what are the total monthly credit card bills you are paying.

MOSt of the people contacting me i am directing to places i have already vetted that i have identified as places that will do what is best for you and your family and not some company.




Car Dealer Ads “ Let us help you with your credit”

Car Dealer Ads “ Let us help you with your credit”

My name is Wayne Sanford, I am the owner of New Start Financial Corporation and have been in the credit industry now for over 11 years going on 12 years soon.

I have analyzed over 16,000 credit reports and a large majority of them are for people trying to purchase or refinance their homes.

Prior to the meltdown one of my companies was approved by Dealer-track who provides the software platform for most large dealerships across the country, for the average consumer think of it like after you deal with the sales person and sales manager then go “in the back” to fill out the paperwork with the finance manager and get all the “extra coverage” presented to you to buy.

Now there is NOTHING wrong with that for both parties, the dealership makes more money and the consumer gets more valuable coverage if they want it to protect them from financial unforeseen incidents.

What I get a REAL kick out of is the advertisements some of them use to make it look like they are doing you a favor by saying they can help you with your credit and they created a separate division to help consumers with challenged credit or credit “with a few bumps on It”.

As with most advertisements if there is even a sliver of truth to it then advertising people literally make a molehill into a mountain.

What pops in my head is an old TV advertisements from some bank about use our bank not the others as we don’t change a fee for you to talk to the bank tellers as well as some other ridiculously made up fees.

While most of it was an outright lie, they made you think are you getting charged those types of fees and don’t know it? Answer—you’re not but their point was they don’t charge some fees that others do.

So let’s explore that same concept with car dealerships and other types in the same way, my personal opinion if they have to lie to you to get you in the door that’s strike one in my book, but it’s done all across the industry so for the small percentage of educated that read this let’s put a little more knowledge into your Christmas/holiday stocking.

REALITY Check # 1:

  • ALL dealerships have 95% of the same lenders.

Bank lenders have sales representatives whose job is to go to dealerships and say use our bank to sell your product, we will give you great rates and help you make more money and sell more cars.

The job of this sales representative for the bank is not to have them in one dealership but as many dealerships as possible. That does make sense, doesn’t it?

Car Loans are Securitized:

There are what are called in the industry “Bottom feeder” lenders, these are lenders that are willing to loan money for a car at a 480 credit score, if they are willing to put several thousand down for a down payment and charged them the state maximum of 24% interest.

I would almost call this a temporary loan as how long can the customer keep up a payment that is obviously crazy as just like with mortgages majority of the interest gets paid first before the principle ( approx. 70% of pmt is interest ).

So a $20,000 at 24% interest costs the customer $14,560 in interest and is approx. $575 a month. This does not count the few thousand that was given for a down payment.

At 10% interest? Payment is $425.00

The car lender will then repossess the car and sell it at auction and place a collection and possible lawsuit against the client and since very little was paid on due to all the interest paid in the beginning of the loan. Sounds like a good business but I personally don’t know how those people sleep at night ( the lenders not the dealerships).

Our Department/Program will help your credit:

If you know my blogs you know I have a tendency to deviate when I get a thought in my mind I feel you need to know (think of it as backstory).

ANY TIME an account goes on your credit and you make on time payments it will help your credit, that’s not rocket science. And don’t be deceived into thinking it is going to increase your credit score by 100 points.

And while I always say your credit report is like a thumbprint and everything is report specific so your credit score will increase but if it increases 5 points then all the advertisements about helping your credit they mentioned to you to get you in the doors was not a lie.

Credit repair is a service but it is also a bit of a skill as one would need to know all the inner workings of it and how lenders view that report and score. If a credit expert does not know this then how can they truly help the client and if you are the client are you not paying for that expert advice? Too help you navigate thru a system that media (paid by banks and credit bureaus) that makes it seem like all you have to do is click a button and things will be “fixed”.

If you think that then wow is all I can say, I recently was contacted by a client you found me on the internet and read some very nice reviews on me which I thought was nice but was screwed over by a company in the past and wasn’t sure about doing it again, she said her husband got a lot of negative information removed from her credit but she was still declined for a loan.

So I said to her well it’s like going to a dentist, if you don’t check out the dentist first and they are not good, whose fault was that for not checking them out and are you now going to stop going to the dentist?

I told her you need someone who specializes in mortgage credit to help you get into your home and obviously just deleting some negative information didn’t do the job so a decision needs to be made and I will not “sell you” on me, my credentials speak for themselves, if you want me to help I will be here for you now or a year from now if you decide to make that choice.

I do not push people into a decision as I believe we are all adults and can make their own decision without undue influence.

* Want to learn more about how the credit system works?

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Late Payment forgiveness in Credit Repair Books

DISCLAIMER: you are not going to like reading this blog ( just a forewarning)

You may have seen an internet advertisement on this, you may have seen this statement in a Facebook ad. Many times its labeled as “the Hidden Secret the creditors don’t want you to know about!”.

I even saw this “technique” listed in a “Legal credit repair” book written by “attorneys. What it basically says is that if you have good history with a bank/creditor then you can ask them for a one-time late payment forgiveness since you have been such a good client prior to the one little mishap.

They may tell you to say you were out of town during this or had a family emergency and have been out of town.

I checked several credit repair books in the stores before writing this blog and it seems they are all in there.



Perhaps about 10-20 years ago it worked and companies allowed it but now and for quite a while now they do not. This is the problem with the “credit repair” books out there. So much of it is what is called “fluff” or “filler content”. Designed to make the book bigger and give the impression there is more to it.

HOWEVER, there is a simple test for this. I assume if you’re reading this you are doing some research on credit due to you having some credit challenges currently or have in the past.


You’re another credit repair company/agent trying to learn how credit actually works (actually got a call one time from a credit sales person who said their boss said to read my site and info on my website). While im not crazy about that part I commend you on wanting to do the right thing by your clients.

Contact the lenders if you do not believe I am correct in this statement about this blog.

Most likely what will happen is the late payment will not be removed and you will get a letter from the creditor stating that after careful research it has been identified that the current reporting is correct and the Fair Credit Reporting Act Law will not allow them to change that information as it would be incorrect and thus against the law.

And then most likely in 30 days the late payment will still be there is you have a credit monitoring service but then get notified that your credit score increased!

Again…however this is what would or can be called a false positive in the credit world.

Check to see if the lender/bank now has your account marked as disputed.

Now for people out there thinking where there is a will there is a way there unfortunately isn’t.

So I do not mean to burst your bubble with this blog but more so I do not want you to waste your valuable time.

NOW, if you are reading this and you have a relationship with your bank and it is one of the really small/very local banks then there is a possibility of them doing that favor for you.

HERE is the little trick (so to speak) there is no law that requires the people reporting to the credit bureaus to actually report to them. They can choose not to report they just can’t report something that is incorrect.

Now if you are dealing with a really small lender or as mentioned before a really small community bank where you are on a first named basis with the president of the bank. You can sit down with them and ask them to omit the data for a few months that correlates to the bad reporting on your credit file.

Ex: A late payment in 4/2016 ask them to post no data from 1/2016 thru 6/2016.

Now they are in compliance with the law as well as you problem is solved.

The issue is this will work for maybe 2% of people who are lucky enough to be in the position I described above.

So while you can always try just understand that a good 98% of the time it will not work and the “secrets” in the books and advertisements are designed to get you to buy the product. It never hurts to try just be ready to undo the problem to your credit file that you caused by trying it.

And as a recap the problem it will cause is the bank marking their credit account with you as “disputed” which you will need to then go through the steps of having it removed.

Want to learn more about how the world of credit works? Contact me today and get my book in full blown color. No nonsense direct and easy to understand how the “Real world of credit” works.