Shopping for credit repair on Craigslist???

So I was actually on craigslist looking to see if there was anyone that installed artificial grass (I have 4 large dogs) it popped into my head and I just did a quick search for credit repair.

WOW! Was I in for a shock, the absolute BS that was being advertised on this section blew my mind away so that got me thinking about another educational blog on credit repair services. I hope this help all that read this, even you other credit repair companies that try to educate you and not get screwed.

I even spent some time looking at their websites, at least the ones that actually HAD a website all I could really do is shake my head I WILL NOT mention any company names as that’s just wrong and unprofessional.

First thing is first… there is no “QUICK , FAST “ credit repair, the reality is you did some damage to your credit file and it will take some time to get yourself back up to where you once were and while creditors or debt collectors have special access to report items on a consumer credit report if you challenge ANYTHING the law allows 30 days for them to investigate or correct. I say this as I have seen some ads saying corrected in 5 days, consumers cannot do that. If they are using a trick to say it’s called a rapid rescore only loan officers have access to this program.

NOW, when an investigation is sent out to the credit bureaus the timeline for response is 45 days.

As of the writing of this blog just in the DWF (Dallas Fort Worth) area there were 1637 posting for credit repair just under the services section, so I can only imagine how many across the country there are in each city/town and as I type this I keep clicking on another one and shocked at all the illegal statements being made.

Now let me state everything they say on these things I will make the official disclaimer that I do not know if they can do it but my almost 12 years of experience says most of these claims are a joke or a flat out lie.

But what I do identify is some of them who claim anywhere from 15 year’s experience to 30 years of “credit repair experience” can’t seem to understand the basic laws (both state and federal) of our industry in the contracts they provide.

So I can then pose these questions to you:

If they don’t know the simple laws of their own industry now how comfortable to do feel giving them all your information and paying them your hard earned money?

CPN’s otherwise known as Credit Privacy Number, is flat out illegal (federal crime) for you to use to obtain new credit. No gray area, anyone saying otherwise is lying.

Here are a few “questions” you may want to pose if you decide to call these companies:

Q- With all of the years and years of experience you have why do you not have any 3rd party credentials to validate your company?

  • Enjoy the backtracking double talk you will get on this one.

Q- You keep using the word “legally” like we fix your credit with legal credit repair. Can you explain to me what is illegal credit repair and how do you define your “legal credit repair compared to the “illegal credit repair” your comparing yourself to?


As I write this I keep glancing over so this may be a long blog, one just said “LICENSED BY THE ATTORNEY GENERAL”. I’m seriously thinking about sending this over to my contact at the AG’s office for CSO’ now but it is a Friday.

Sorry! I will try to focus, but I hope you are learning and enjoying this week’s blog.

Another one says they are “Pro’s” but they can’t seem to spell correctly, not just one word but several, WOW! Hey guys, it’s a 2 paragraph ad and it’s called spell check!

For the companies that “SELL TRADELINES:

Q- FICO changed the scoring model for when you are added as a “Authorized User” this is called piggybacking. FICO changed it back in 07-08 after a news article about paid trade-lines so why are you charging so much when they changed how much it can help me?


Here is a possible answer first, when a “dispute” is logged on your credit report the negative account is not calculated into the score so your credit score “jumps up”.

Think of this as a false positive, if this is how they get you to call them then that is a very deceptive method in my opinion.

Q- But when the dispute is on the report my score jumps up while that is disputed, once its removed, doesn’t the score drop again?

The answers is yes, but see how they explain that after they realize you can’t be double talked about what they advertise to get people to sign up with them.


If they tell you their services are guaranteed, then ask for a copy of the contract to review. In the”fine print” it usually says that any item they remove is worth anywhere from $50-150 per item, NOT ACCOUNT but item. So if your name is spelled wrong four times. That’s worth between $200 – $600 according to the contract you signed.

The devil is in the details, so buyer beware.

Ok, so that’s enough for now as I could literally go on for hours. Here is the reality:

  • Your credit can’t be fixed “quickly so don’t fall for the scam, it needs time to heal.
  • Don’t believe what the SALES PERSON is telling you, do some research on the company, if there isn’t any then that’s what we call a clue.
  • ANY credentials they brag or claim can it be verified?
  • New SS #’s or CPN’s are ILLEGAL
  • If they have been around this industry for 15-20 years why is there very little about you online?

My overall opinion of companies that advertise on craigslist as you can see is very low, if I had to say why is it done then one opinion can be these are companies who look to steal your money and not do anything to help you, another one is maybe they actually do what to help but are incredibly under qualified and truly do not know how to help someone.

And a final one is how good can you be when you do not know the simple rules/laws that you have to operate under?

And if your one of these company owners that are reading this no issues, call me and I will be happy to tell you what is legally required according to federal and state law on your credit agreements so at least that part of your business is legal.

* Want to learn more about how the credit system works? Take it from someone who has real experience fixing someone’s credit (even as current as today as I review all investigations that leave my office).

I’m basically obsessed with credit and how it works as well as what these companies do to consumers.

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