So, it’s a new year and hard to believe that its march already. I was watching a favorite TV show of mine and low and behold a new Credit Associates commercial was shown.

I recorded the show so I can go over what was said in detail and the first thing I noticed was they removed the initial lie they tell the general public.

So as the phase goes same !&%$#^ different day definitely applies here.

Now as I always do when pointing out the lies that deceive unknowing consumers I point out that I have been in the credit industry now for over 14+ years.

Everything that I say in these blogs is my opinion and my opinion only. What I do is dissect what is said by these commercials and advertisements and point out:

Is it either a flat out lie or are they embellishing to get you to call them so they can “sell/help” you.

As we all know the whole point of commercials is to get you to call so their “expert representatives” can confuse you and double talk you into hiring them and get your money.

So before I start pointing out “things” to help you “possibly” realize they are lying to you to get your business, then you are informed and if you wish to work with them you’re an adult and can now make that an educated decision.

RED FLAG #1—- If they are talking too fast to you or if you feel they are talking “At you” and not to you then the goal of that is to confuse you to think they must know what they are doing so hire them.

RED FLAG # 2—- If after they finish their sales pitch/explanation they try to get you to sign up with them and even email you the paperwork so you can sign it while you’re on the phone with them that should be a red flag.

Their sales managers typically say if you give them time to think about it you will start realizing that some of the things they are saying do not make sense and you will change your mind. And that doesn’t put money in their pockets.

Of course I have no clue if the marketing people said since the phrase they use “there is a secret that the credit card companies don’t want you to know” was too much of a lie to put at the beginning of the commercial. So they changed it around but let’s begin.

SO, let’s get back to the commercial:

They now they start with the phrase “If your credit card debt is out of control”. A much better way since credit card debt seems to sneak up on you and you don’t realize how much you owe until you’re practically underwater.

So it catches your attention and then they hit you with the “powerful secret the credit card companies don’t want you to know’.

I have no other way of saying that is just a lie plain and simple, There is “NO POWERFUL SECRET”.

Then they try to qualify you and only get the people that they can make money on by saying “if you owe more than $5,000 you have the right to let them settle that debt for a fraction of what you owe”.


  • There is no minimum, you could owe $500 and could settle (but there’s a catch).
  • There actually is NO RIGHT you have in this matter. You signed an agreement and if you still paying them on time you have to break the agreement. they seem to love to hammer the statement to you that “you have the right to settle”.…. OR

You already broke the agreement and you’re finally ready to start taking the steps to handle this matter in some capacity.


What’s in the credit card companies banks best interest is too do a risk assessment on the account and get what they can from you so they will allow a certain amount to be written off their books ( & send a tax form to the IRS which we will discuss later).


After Credit Associates settle the account for you (and they will) you will save on average a whopping (major sarcasm) whole 20% of your debt.

So you owe $25,000? They save you a whole $9,000….. OR DO THEY?

On their website they have a savings calculator and the above mentioned example is a 36% discount. BUT, ask them does that include their “fees”, the answer…. it doesn’t.

News flash…. You could literally get 36% discount by yourself but if you want 60+% of a discount you may need someone who deals with them on a consistent basis.

Another part is they then say (which is laughable after what I just mentioned above)

“Virtually eliminate your debt with a monthly payment you can afford’ and they mention you can settle it for a fraction of what you owe”

REALLY???????????????????? was the example they provided you considered a “fraction”? i guess technically anything less than the full amount mathematically can be broken down to a fraction but you see what i mean by the deception.

I had gentlemen who called me a month ago and spoke to them and said he owes about 80k and spending $4,000 a month in monthly payments they said they could get his payments down to $2,000 a month for 42 months.

He had said he read some of my previous blogs and agreed the sales person talked very fast and used words he was unfamiliar with which in my opinion if you don’t explain those industry words your trying to convince and confuse the consumer. he then decided he wanted to at least have a short conversation with me to confirm him suspicion and to see if i may be able to help him.

In the old commercial they said call our expert debt consultants or a similar term and now they removed that term and just said call us to learn more.

That tells me that they realized or were caught that these people answering the phones knew nothing about debt negotiations or how settlements work and were just on the phone to close you  (sales term for getting you to sign up). But I could always be wrong, it’s happened before but I doubt it but have to say it.


Before I get to the really good part these types of commercials you need to pause the TV and get really close to the TV so you can read this fine print. A part of theirs says this:

“Retaining us to reduce debts is your right to settle”.

Using the term “rights” implies the law and there is NO LAW that gives a consumer the rights to settle a debt or pay less than they owe. This is a civil contract/agreement and both parties will basically renegotiate the agreement.

So hopefully your reading this before calling them and if not feel free to call them back and ask them the big question that they lie to you about and below is a response for you to see how quickly they moonwalk backwards.

WHAT is This BIG POWERFUL secret that allows me the consumer or you to do this on my behalf?

The first answer is typically the FCRA which is the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

The FCRA is only concerning the reporting of the information from creditors on consumers in regards to accounts they have agreed to. There is NOTHING that discusses any rights to settle the accounts.

The second answer may be the  FCBA which is the Fair Credit Billing Act.

This also has nothing to do with any rights a consumer may have in regards to settling debts owed.

What it does concern is things like billing errors and disclosures. Don’t believe me on these two? Go google it yourself and check it out yourself.


I’m still doing some research but it seems that “TRUST PILOT” is being accused of paid reviews and fake reviews as i find it funny that on trust pilot they have 5 star rating YET EVERY OTHER site says….. well let’s just say they don’t get such rave reviews which makes it suspect.

So if they lie to you to get you to call and then lie to you to get you to sign up or don’t talk about the ramifications of destroying your credit or possible legal issues that can arise while doing this then all I can say is good luck if you go with them.

If you make good income and have good credit and it’s only the credit card debt hurting your credit score then call me and I can point you in the direction of a possible option. Doesn’t always mean it’s an answer as everyone’s situation is different but you deserve to know all options you have.

If you have the some funds and you let stuff go recently or awhile back email me as I may be able to point you in the direction that’s best for you.

One thing I always promise people I speak with is I will tell you the truth whether you like the answer or not and will tell you what I think is the best option for you and why I think its best.

P.S– if you are uptight on grammar or run on sentences i apologize if it drove you crazy however i don’t really care as i write these to help people and write these blogs as if i am sitting directly in front of them.



If you have a situation you want to chat with me on shoot me an email to the address below and give me a synopsis of the situation and if i can answer or direct you to what i think is best for you i will, or if a 5 minute call is easier i will call you.

Typically 90-95% of people that contact me i direct them elsewhere as they would not be a client for me with their given situation but as i always promise i will tell you the truth whether you like the answer or not, does not mean i cannot help but i will tell you what’s best for you and your family not some companies bottom line.

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