I’ve tried Credit Repair before and company didn’t help…

I hear this all the time from people and I call it “credit repair scar tissue”. But when I ask them what research they did on the company prior to hiring them I always get “the real estate agent” or “loan officer” told me about them. And that’s great but when I ask did they do any checking of the company out on their own the answer is always no. So when I say to them so you didn’t do any research to see if they operate legally or have any credentials that tells you that they are the company that can help you the answer is none and your surprised you didn’t get any results or the results you were hoping for.

One thing I always tell future clients is go check out my website and credentials and do a little reading up on them and then call me and we can discuss your credit file and what your goals are.

In life you need to be proactive and understand that there are many people out there looking to take advantage of others so you need to do a little research. I recently had a husband ask me if they both needed to hire me to help them. I told him “so you’re asking me if you should pay me for two people instead of one?”. After pointing out to him never ask someone you plan on writing a check to as most people will say yes.

What I asked him back was “do you need both of your incomes in order to purchase the house you want?” If the answer is yes then both of you need to hire me, if the answer is no then only the one with the income getting the loan needs to hire me”. Now the funny part of the story is when he told his wife he was going to ask me she said “of course he’s going to say yes, he wants us both to pay him!”.

I made sure to tell him to relay this story to his wife of what my answer was before he told me what his wife said, lol.

Also, many people who are mad at credit repair companies and complain typically find them on the internet and their “sales person” said it’s not a contract and is month to month so you can cancel whenever you want. Another way to phrase it is “we want to keep charging you as long as we can so we will drag this process out since that’s how we make more money”.

And if they are charging you monthly with “no contract” then they will typically tell you to send in all reports received from the credit bureaus and if you do not get all of them in 45 days then you need to call them and tell them that.

How many people do you think actually remember that part? Then they forget, time gets away from them and then before they realize it several months have gone by and when you call to complain they tell you that you were supposed to have contacted them so it’s basically your fault. However they have billed you for several months even though they have not done any work.

How is that monthly fee that was so much cheaper for you working out now?

Most of these companies know nothing about the home or car buying process and typically cause more problems than they can help you. Unfortunately you don’t find out about this until hundreds or thousands of dollars later.

Bottom line, it’s your money so put a little effort in and check out the company before you hire them.