How do you know it’s time to sue

How do you know it’s time to sue? Many times people want to sue over the slightest inconvenience. In America you can sue for anything, however winning is another story. Below are some key indicators for a guide to identify if you should look at filing a small claims lawsuit.

» The collection agency does not validate your debt yet keeps calling you to collect the money.
» You have sent a Cease and Desist letter by fax and certified mail with return receipt and they still call you for payment.
» The collection agency does not validate your debt yet reports it to the credit bureaus.
» The collection agency does not update their reporting to the credit bureaus after you pay a portion or all of the debt.
» The collection agency calls you before 8am and after 9pm in your time zone.
» They call your office without permission and ask to speak to your boss.
» Creditors pull your credit without permissible purpose
» The collection agency harasses, threatens violence or uses offensive language.
» The collection agency calls up your friends and neighbors (also called skip tracing) without your consent and discusses your debt with them.
» The credit bureaus have incorrect information about you in their records and refuses to correct it even after you provide them evidence.
» Your creditor does not report your payment history correctly.


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