To be an educated consumer requires a good basic working knowledge of credit is essential since credit is the cornerstone of the American economy. You need to think of it as a job, a part time job but still a job.

Everyone knows how important credit is but no one know truly realizes just how important it is until they need something today and then it is too late.

And then your options are:

  • Bury your head in the sand for the next 7-10 years (depending on issues)
  • Try to fix it yourself and hope what you read online works and doesn’t screw things up more.
  • Hire a credit expert (RESEARCH REQUIRED) to help you navigate the system designed against the consumer. NOTE: Try Wayne the Credit Guy! =)

As with most systems in America, many of them are for big business and not for the benefit of the little guy. Case in point, many many years (maybe decades) ago I was notified by the courts of outstanding toll tags debt I owed and I needed to appear in court.

I found this a total joke of course as I was never contacted by the toll tag authority (in Texas) so how can I owe them money? My driver’s license was up to date so they knew where I lived; I have had the same phone number for the last 8 years at the time so what gives? More importantly the toll tag bills at the time were about 50 cents BUT the “Penalty” was $25.00 so each violation was $25.50.

Contacting the toll tag authority gave no reprieve as I was told as the courts are now involved I have to go to court to deal with the situation. I then pointed out many things and then told them what I thought about their job and the company they work for. NOTE—It didn’t help but I felt better.

When I went to court there were two ladies from the toll tag authority there and the entire court room was for people with toll tag issues. It seemed like that entire court was for toll tag business.

The judge was very nice and said before we officially begin I want to explain that the law we are dealing with was financially sponsored by the toll tag authority so anything within this law “seems” to favor the toll tag authority so unless the car was sold and you can prove it or stolen, you owe the money end of story.

BUT, he said we have two lovely ladies here from the toll tag authority that a deal can be made before an official ruling will be made”.

Well, my personal thoughts were now this is what I call Extortion. BUT this is the world we live in, you can’t change the rules BUT you can learn how to play the credit game putting yourself in a better position to win. This is one of the main reasons why the credit repair industry was born. HOWEVER just like all industries there are the good ones and the bad ones so you’re due diligence and research is required to find the right one for you.

HINT- ANY company that gives you the vibe that this is easy and all you have to do is pay them is typically the slick sales person who doesn’t “fix” your credit but only to get you to pay them. So the odds are your being told what you want to hear to get your money so buyer beware!


UNDERSTAND this, your credit score will ALWAYS be the first thing that lenders look at but then their systems look into your accounts reporting to see what is most important to them.

Buying a car? The car lender will look at the credit score and then will look to see the car lender accounts on your credit and how you paid them. While they care about all accounts to a certain degree it makes logical sense that how you pay a car loan is more important to them, you may miss a credit card payment or two but as long as you pay your car note on time you’re a better risk for them which will give you a better rate.

Mortgage lenders have a policy term called a “clean 12” which means they want to see no late payments for 12 months. Mortgage late payments can actually cause a lender to say no to your file until the late payment on your mortgage is over 12 months. Now they can give an exception but that is a case by case basis that can go either way.

The same works with credit card company lenders as well as apartment complexes. Lenders look at a credit report as gospel, and unlike the legal system you are guilty until you can prove your innocence. So an apartment complex will look at the report and say according to this credit report you don’t pay the places you live in so why would we let you into our apartment complex when history show you will probably still us. And if we do let you in why should we not request two months of security payments?

Knowing this will not magically fix things for you but better arm you to understand what you will be dealing with and better prepare you to take the proper steps towards putting yourself in a position to succeed.

The additional curve I have to tell you is while state and federal law requires a credit company to say verbally and in writing that credit repair is a service and just like any service it is something you can do yourself. The fact remains if “fixing your credit yourself” was as easy as government and news media says we would all have a 700 + score.

I hope this information helps you towards achieving your future goals. As a Credit Expert having an educated consumer that I can perform my services for and then educate them to a higher level is always our goal. Unlike many other credit companies out there I have tried to amass a large amount of 3rd party credentials to help consumers who were not personally recommended to me help them make an informed decision that I am the right company to consult with and then hire if the conversation goes in the direction they were hoping for.

As I tell everyone, I will tell you the truth of your situation whether you like it or now and if your credit file has the potential to improve to the goal you are trying to reach I will tell you that and discuss how it can be possible so call me now!