Successful Credit Repair Companies Rely on Honesty and Earning Trust

One thing I always promise future clients and the professionals that recommend them is that I will tell them the truth whether they want to hear it or not. If you don’t really need my services and need just a tiny bit of directional advice I give it to you free. All I ask is that if the situation arises and you know someone who needs credit help please refer them to me and let them know how I informed you how you didn’t need our services and just a little advice which tells that new individual that this sounds like a company you can trust.

This exact situation happened two days ago. I had told a client about four months ago he doesn’t need my help to qualify for a home as he does need to correct some items on his credit file in order to qualify for a home mortgage, just do “x, y and z” and then in 3 months you should be ready to go.

It turned out that in order to get the size home they wanted they needed his wife’s income which ended up being needing some credit help. Then a few collections popped up on his credit dropping his credit scores below qualifying approval standards.

He said “Wayne, you were the only person we were going to call due to your honesty with me the first time and a buddy of mine has a few issues he needs help with and I told him all about you”.

Karma always says do the right thing and it will come back to you a tenfold. No one likes to be “sold” especially me treat people right, don’t take advantage of them and do the right thing and good things will come.