So it’s funny that if you follow what the credit bureaus ask you to do which is do your dispute online they have designed their system to mirror what the creditors (their paying clients) tell them to report.

How is that an investigation you ask? Simple, it is not.

What it actually is a verification system designed to do nothing but confirm the data they are currently reporting.

While many of you reading this consider yourselves educated understand that these systems have been created by companies who PROFIT off of mis -information as typically mis-information or incomplete information is usually related to lower credit scores.

And lower credit scores does not stop consumers from applying for credit it actually INCREASES consumers applying for credit.

Don’t believe my opinion? Listen to all commercials (radio, TV, newspaper & internet). When you see these advertisements it seems credit is a non-issue, bad credit, no credit no problem.

These advertisements are designed to get people in the door and then throw them at the wall ( in a credit application way so to speak) and see who sticks.

Think of all the people who know they can’t qualify hope they can by applying at these places. AND GUESS WHAT?

All of these lenders pay the credit bureaus to pull their credit and assess them.

Starting to get the picture?

So while I firmly believe it’s in a consumer’s best interest to hire a company that knows how these crooked systems work in favor of the lenders and know how to turn the tables on them choosing the right company is essential so research on them is key.

This industry like all industries have snakes in them and they look to take your money and make it seem like they want to help you, it’s what sales people do.

Then you also have companies (usually the smaller companies) who truly do want to help you accomplish your future financial goals after having some life challenges.

It’ actually pretty simple to identify these types:

  1. Did they ask to see your credit report and ask you questions on the accounts on it?
  2. Did they ask you what your goals are?
  3. Did they make it sound like all you have to do to make your troubles go away is write them a check?

The above are typically major red flags for you to hold onto your money. While it doesn’t negate them from being helpful as I tell people ( my opinion of course ) if it walks like a duck and sounds like a duck…. Its probably a duck.


Some easy ways where it is not in your interest to hire a credit repair company and “Do It Yourself” are below. As I always say a credit report is like a thumbprint and everyone is different. I could not list all types that you can do it yourself but here are a few major/common ones:

  • You have literally no credit

If you have a zero credit score and NOTHING on your credit report except maybe for 2 small dollar collections then you need to build credit. Getting 2 secured credit cards and using them very little for over 6 months should put your credit file into the 600 credit score arena.

  • The collections on your credit file are approximately 7 years old from the last time you paid on them or utilized their services.

Many times companies make “mistakes” and keep the negative account on your credit longer than legally allowed. If you know these accounts are over the age mentioned sending a certified letter pointing this out should be able to in one shot remove those accounts. Many times it will take more than one letter.

Why you ask? Welcome to the world of credit where the consumer is a by-product.

I hope this article helped articulate some of the differences between hiring someone and doing it yourself. While of course I am more slighted to hiring someone who deals with this kind of corrupt system on a day to day basis there are many people who will read this and fit into the category where they can do this themselves and not pay a credit company.

Feel free to contact me at and ask about my book “The Real World of Credit” to learn A LOT more of how the system works if you are thinking of fixing your own credit.

Understanding how the system works is half the job!