Wayne is my solution to helping people attain what they desire from mortgage lending. Wayne identifies and resolves credit issues in a credible manner and with a vast amount of knowledge regarding credit repair. In this business, problems disguised as opportunities show up all the time and Wayne provides legal, ethical solutions that truly help people.

– Kevin (Loan Officer)

I wish there were more experts like Wayne who understand how the credit system works and how it affects our clients lives.

– Geni (Realtor)

I learned more about credit after talking to Wayne for five minutes, than the other two companies I worked with for almost a year!

– Scott (Client)

With banks and underwriters making it harder for us to close loans, having a good credit guy to help us continue to grow is essential. Wayne has an inside knowledge of what underwriters want to see and what they don’t want not see. He makes our job a lot easier!

– Mark (Loan Officer)

After my divorce, I didn’t know what to do or how to do it. Having a 480 credit score really destroys your sense of self worth. With Wayne’s help, coaching and kind words, I was able to achieve a 650 credit score in a short period of time. I no longer feel helpless!

– Kim (Client)

I really thought I understood credit until I sat down and took Wayne’s class. It was an eye opening experience. The knowledge I gained will help me better serve my clients in the future.

– Scott (Texas Realtor)

As a Real Estate Investor i use my credit as a leverage tool to help me acquire investment properties. It amazes me how many little tips Wayne has to help me keep my credit score as high as possible to help my investing career continue forward.

– David (Real Estate Investor)

Other than a credit card, I had no clue about credit or how it worked. After being educated by Wayne on the credit system, it actually scared me that what I didn’t know could have affected me for the rest of my life.

– Savannah (College Student)

I have dealt with many “credit experts” before and by far, Wayne’s knowledge-base and his ability to explain the credit system surpass them all. I whole-heartedly recommend Wayne to my clients and urge them to seek his assistance as they fulfill the American Dream of homeownership.

– Rachel (Texas Realtor)

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