Getting harassed by Debt Collectors? Did you know that the majority of what they do or say is usually against the law (Fair Debt Collections Practice Act or FDCPA).

In my book, The Real World of Credit I talk about what they can or cannot do in great detail. But the first thing I want to do is help relieve some of the stress in your life they are currently causing.

Download this letter and input the company’s information that is calling you constantly and harassing you. First fax them the letter and keep a copy showing the fax went through and then send the letter certified. In most states they are allowed to call you one final time to tell you what they plan to do and after that if they DO CALL then it is a violation of the Fair Debt Collection Practice Act and a $1,000.00 violation.

If you want to read the FDCPA go to the “Credit Laws” section of this website or click here to purchase my book and learn in greater detail what do to since knowledge is power!



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