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Hire a Credit Repair Company or D.I.Y – PART II

So it’s funny that if you follow what the credit bureaus ask you to do which is do your dispute online they have designed their system to mirror what the creditors (their paying clients) tell them to report. How is that an investigation you ask? Simple, it […]

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Hire a Credit Repair company or DIY, that’s the question – PART I

I was asked to write an article about should a consumer try to fix their credit themselves or hire a credit company to help them. While at first glance an article on this subject from someone who has a company where consumers pay them to help their […]

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How different Industries look at my Credit Report

To be an educated consumer requires a good basic working knowledge of credit is essential since credit is the cornerstone of the American economy. You need to think of it as a job, a part time job but still a job. Everyone knows how important credit is […]

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Car Repossessions and your Credit

One thing that many people do not understand is how car repossession works when it comes to your credit. One thing is that it does not matter if you give them the car back or they take the car in the middle of the night. Many times […]

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Don’t let Cable Providers Kill Your Credit

When it comes to credit here is what you as consumers need to understand. A credit score focuses on recent negative and positive history. Lenders do not require you to have perfect credit. You can have charge off’s, collections, late payments and they will still do business […]

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