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But THAT’S what the salesperson told me!!??!!

So with a blog title like this it can mean ANYTHING, right? Well for this specific blog let’s talk about debt collectors and GYM MEMBERSHIPS. One company that was notorious for causing consumers across the nation to have a $2,000.00 plus negative debt collection account on their […]

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Student Loan Credit Report Scam?

Ok, allow me first to say that the headline was just an eye catcher to get you to read this article/blog, it’s not like the government is TRYING to scam you. Or was it? Let’s break it down for you and everyone out there. As stated in […]

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Late Payment forgiveness in Credit Repair Books

DISCLAIMER: you are not going to like reading this blog ( just a forewarning) You may have seen an internet advertisement on this, you may have seen this statement in a Facebook ad. Many times its labeled as “the Hidden Secret the creditors don’t want you to […]

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How to leave an Apartment Complex & NOT get Screwed

If you have the future goal of home ownership (short term or long term) then this is one account that can definitely cause you some issues for several reasons. FIRST thing is to understand is other than your credit score which may qualify you what is IN […]

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Medical debt, your Credit and a home – Oh My!

Medical bills and the medical industry/business, it’s a tricky thing for majority of consumers who do not have a clue how it works. You go to the hospital and it seems you get 15 people sending you bills. It works like that a lot depending on what […]

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