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Cell Phone Contracts vs. You = You Lose

Cell Phone Contracts vs. You = You Lose This week’s blog we are going to talk about what you really sign when you sign a cell phone “agreement”. I say that as if you have noticed most if not all TV ads say they no longer have […]

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Credit Repair or No Credit Repair…..Are you a Candidate?

Credit Bureaus say credit repair doesn’t work and it’s all a scam, the Federal Trade Commission tells people (and so do the credit bureaus) that there is nothing they can do that you can’t do yourself. BUT ISN’T THAT TRUE ABOUT EVERYTHING TODAY??? You can repair your […]

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If You Don’t Understand How Interest Rates Work, You Will Pay More

“Knowledge really is power,” says Wayne Sanford in a recent article by Dawn Allcot on “If you don’t understand how interest rates work,” Sanford says, “you will pay more.” Read the full article on Link to this post!

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Doing nothing doesn’t make your credit better over time

While technically the above statement is not true not many people want to wait 7 years for all their negative information to fall off their credit report based on the Fair Credit Reporting Act. Its human nature to bury our heads in the sand and ignore the […]

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